Google AdWords

Your company on the top of Google’s first page!

AdWords facilitates you being seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.


Why Google AdWords?

  • Attract more customers

    Want to Increase your sales? Attract more visitors to your website? Promote your company or make your customers interact more with your business? Google AdWords can help!

  • Advertise locally or globally

    Target your ads to customers in certain countries, regions or cities – or within a set distance from your business or shop.

  • Reach the right people at the right time

    Make sure your business is seen on Google when customers are searching for what you offer. Show your ads on search engines, commercial sites or personal sites.

  • We are always here to assist your business, whenever you need us

    Google AdWords lets you manage your campaign by yourself or through our FREE support. Call (0800 026 1713*) and receive help from our experts in setting up your account and building your first campaign.

Why hire Metafour?

  • One of the first companies specialised in Google services

  • Having served over 100 clients

  • More than 500 Million impressions (advertise visualisations) on Google search

  • Our clients receive best-in-class support to grow their business

With AdWords, you only pay for results

  • No fixed charges! When there is no access to your website, you don’t pay anything

    We will subscribe you to Google Adwords for FREE. You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, or calls you. In other words, when your advertising is working.

  • No minimum budget required!

    You decide how much to invest in Google AdWords. Just start with a comfortable daily budget for you and adjust it whenever you want. Many companies start to see results with a budget of £10-£20 per day.

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