Metafour is a Google services specialised consultancy, in the field of Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing and Web Innovation, seeking to deliver results that meet our clients expectations.

Founded in 2009, Metafour is a pioneer in the field of Google services, with over 100 clients served throughout the country and abroad. In 2015, the company opened its European office in London where it maintain relations to its customers in the continent.

Metafour formed a partnership with Google in Brazil in 2011 - the year that Google began providing support in the country. As a result of the partnership and Google’s unique array of products Metafour is in an excellent position to deliver the results that will enable our clients to achieve higher efficiency, increased visibility and above all improved returns on your investment.

With extensive experience in consulting and Google services management, alongside highly specialized professionals in the Information Technology area as well as Marketing, our goal is to bring cutting edge innovation and quality of service to our customers.

Why hire Metafour?

  • Experience and qualifications: Our professionals are highly trained and qualified to deliver superior returns on investment for our clients
  • Transparency: Investments are made on a transparent and auditable processes
  • Customised service: We closely work with our clients to create and deliver a package that meets their needs and expectations
  • Control of Results: Metafour will be able to issue reports whenever requested by customers, including an analysis of the AdWords results, with monitoring of traffic on your site, and extensive information on the ads and search clicks which generate a return.
  • Google Search 1st page placement guarantee: With the Sponsored Links plan Metafour guarantees positioning on the 1st page of Google search and the client will only pay per click, that is if the plan chosen is CPC (Cost Per Click).
  • Partnership with Google: Metafour signed a partnership with Google in 2011. As a result of the partnership, Metafour is in a position to better serve our clients interests always striving to generate superior returns on their investment.
  • New Clients Bonus:  Metafour’s new clients will receive a monetary value towards their AdWords account in the first month, courtesy of our company!